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mynewhair stylist carries Queens Baton for Commonwealth Games 2022

31 July 2022


mynewhair stylist carries Queens Baton for Commonwealth Games 2022   

A trained stylist from mynewhair’s Salons that Care was nominated to carry the Queen’s Baton in her home town, as it makes its way to the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games this month.

The Queen’s Baton visited Sunderland on Thursday 14th July on its way to the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on 28th July. The Baton was carried along the Sunderland seafront by 14 Batonbearers, one being Nicola Wood, who has previously undergone mynewhair training and is a part of the mynewhair network of Salons That Care.   

Sunderland hairdresser Nicola Wood expanded her services and expertise into the wig industry after her treatment for cancer led to her own body image concerns. She has since become a pioneer for hair-loss, supporting over 10,000 clients and young people battling with hair loss. She has also won several awards, raised many thousands for charities and become an ambassador for the industry as well as being described as a 'true inspiration'. 

Nicola said: "I feel so very honoured to be taking part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It is very humbling moment in my life to be able to represent both the hair loss community and the Queen in my hometown! My journey with the baton will be truly symbolic of women's medical hair loss journeys and a reminder that no one needs to do it alone. Myself and the Wonderful Wig Company are here to support fellow women every step of the way."

"It's an honour to have the work of the Wonderful Wig Company recognised and held in such high regard. I would like to use this opportunity to speak directly to anyone experiencing medical hair loss or alopecia themselves: you are not alone and we stand with you. We are here to help and guide you on your journey, we're in it together."

Nicola began her mynewhair training and created the Wonderful Wig Company back in 2016 after getting diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She realised the wig industry weren’t getting the level of service and support they needed and mynewhair training was the perfect place to start to allow her to support people going through cancer and hair loss. 

She said: “mynewhair was the starting point for me in the hair loss industry. It helped equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to help clients at their hardest times.”  

“Since 2016, I have now helped over ten thousand people through our services and also local and regional support groups we have set up.”


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Image 1: Nicola Wood, Wonder Wigs company 


Image 2: Nicola Wood carrying the Queens Baton along Sunderland