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Lisa's story

10 October 2021


Lisa’s Story 

Lisa Verman, from Gemini Hair Bicester, is a hair stylist who trained with mynewhair in 2009.  As a member of our Salons that Care, she’s come forward to share her personal story of supporting her late mother following her cancer diagnosis, in the hopes of helping others facing this difficult journey. 

“I first trained with mynewhair during the summer of 2009, as I felt this was a natural progression in my hairdressing career.

“I still remember my dear mum picking me up from Oxfordshire train station that evening after returning from training at L’Oreal Academy in London. 

“But one day in 2013 I was faced with some very difficult news: my mum was diagnosed with a brain tumour and given a limited time left to live.  I supported her along her cancer journey for seven years before she passed away peacefully in September 2020.”

Lisa supported her mum’s cancer journey up until the very end, and during that time they made many amazing memories together.  One of the main ways Lisa was able to support her mum was through the training provided by mynewhair. 

Lisa was able to personalise the shape and finish of her mum’s wig to her liking, helping her cope and come to terms with her hair loss.  

“Like most women, my mum’s hair was her pride and joy.  She used to love coming into the salon to have her hair blow dried and styled weekly.

“I think it can come as quite a shock to the individual when they start to witness their hair falling out, but it’s amazing where you can find deep inner strength to cope with every stage thrown at you.  My mum always kept a positive attitude - I think that, along with her strong mentality, is what kept her going an extra 5 years longer than expected.

“She didn’t always wear a wig, sometimes she chose to wear a silk headband.  But I can remember the day she came into Gemini Hair Salon to talk about getting a wig – we had a private conversation at the rear of the salon, and I went through books and brochures with her.  We made it a positive experience together.

“We choose a Raquel Welsh wig, as it was very on-trend at the time and came in copper-red tones. Mum liked those brighter colours - she was a bright individual who loved life.

“When the wig arrived, we fit it at home for her.  I can remember her friend visiting her that day and liking her new look very much.

“I think the experience of choosing her a new look helped give her a sense of hope, which she liked.

“And on occasions Mum wore her wig to the salon to be styled.  She’d been coming to our salon for a long time, so the team I work with would welcome mum the same way they always did – saying ‘Hi Sue’ in a warm, positive and welcoming tone, which is so important.  My mum was a strong individual anyway, but this added positivity made her appointments as comfortable as possible.

“However she became really poorly during treatment, so when Mum couldn’t visit the salon, I did what I could at home for her.  “The training I received from mynewhair helped my mum massively with her hair loss journey.  Knowing how to cut and style her wig to suit her face shape meant I was able to give her wig a more natural look with a personalised finish.  Being part of mynewhair’s Salons that Care gives you the confidence to know what you’re doing with a wig, allowing you to put your skills into practice as part of your hairdressing career and provide an essential service to clients who need support.  

“Even if someone doesn’t require a wig, mynewhair taught me essential knowledge of medical treatments and the aftercare required.  It also taught me helpful cutting techniques on regrowing hair, as well as special products to help scalp treatment and stimulate future hair growth. 

“The hope in sharing mine and my mum’s story is not only to encourage other hairdressers to train with mynewhair, but also to help people who are experiencing medical hair loss to open up about how they are feeling.  I really hope by sharing my story, it helps people realise that they are not in this journey alone.”

Since her mum’s passing, Lisa has helped many more people facing similar journeys.  She loves her job and hopes that the skills mynewhair has taught her means she can continue to help more people like her mum.

“Our stories may not always bring the endings we want, but we can squeeze all the positives from our experiences to help others and support them.  The people we meet and love in our lives will continue to inspire us in the future, as we continue our good work, good thoughts and good deeds.”

Lisa is a trained stylist from Gemini Hair Bicester, one of our Salons that Care who offer wig personalisation and aftercare support services.  

You can find them using our Salon Finder and entering their postcode: OX26 6AW. 


Susan and Lisa spending time together making a bird.



Susan out for Sunday lunch with Lisa.



Lisa with her late mum Susan.



Lisa and mum with temporary hair extensions.



Lisa and her mum enjoying a day out together.



Lisa doing the race for life raising money for Cancer Research.